B Lift Active Elasticising Oil


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B Lift Active Elasticising Oil - U-Beauty
B Lift Active Elasticising Oil - U-Beauty
B Lift Active Elasticising Oil - U-Beauty

What is it?

The Active Elasticising Oil for face and body is an oil with a soft and smooth texture that absorbs quickly without greasing. The richness of its ingredients gives softness, suppleness and protection of the skin of face and body. Regular usage visibly improves the aspect of the skin in cases of: stretch marks, scars, dryness of the skin, uneven complexion and signs of aging.

What does it contain?

The Active Elasticising Oil contains the following main ingredients:

  • Meadowfoam Oil: Natural antioxidant oil, rich in softening and protective fatty acids
  • Bisabolol: Derivate from chamomile, opposes free radicals and is soothing
  • Camomile: Softening
  • Sweet Almond Oil: Natural softening and moisturizing oil
  • Vitamin E: Keeps the suppleness and tone of the skin
  • Grape Seed OilNatural, elasticising and skin protective oil
  • Shea Oil: Protective
  • Argan Oil: Natural, nourishing and protective oil against skin aging
  • Additionally, the product does not contain paraben, petrolatum, colourant or alcohol. It is gently perfumed without allergens and is nickel, chrome, cobalt, arsenic, cadmium and mercury tested. The product has been clinically and dermatologically tested and is suitable for sensitive skin.

How to use?

Apply as needed on affected areas.

What are the results?

After 30 days, the skin will be suppler and more toned up (as per an instrumental analysis). After 60 days, you can notice an aesthetic improvement of the stretch marks on your skin (as per a self-assessment test).

Added effects: 

  • Stretch marks: it helps prevents the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy, upon quick adolescent growth and unexpected jumps in weight
  • Scars: It helps improves the aspect of more or less recent scars
  • Dryness: It gives the skin back the natural oils of which it consists and that it loses due to the extreme weather conditions, frequent bathing, excessive use of heating or air-conditioning
  • Uneven complexion: It helps improve the aspect of the skin with marks caused by excessive sun exposure, sudden hormone change and skin ageing
  • Sign of ageing: It helps improve the skin tone in the case of skin ageing of the face and body
Beauty Awards Italy    Customer Beauty Award Winner
B Lift Active Elasticising Oil - U-Beauty
B Lift Active Elasticising Oil - U-Beauty
B Lift Active Elasticising Oil - U-Beauty